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Economic advantages

  • Timely applications make the crops to resist pest and disease so indirectly reduces costs to control disease and pest management in the farm.
  • Save additional cost to reverse the effect of inorganic fertilizers such as acidity
  • The biggest advantage of our products is danger of over-fertilization is reduced as the nutrients are released slowly
  • Since the product makes the plants to develop resistance to the pest and disease, costs related to the crop protection will be gradually reduced
  • Eco green improves soil fertility continuously so gradually reduce the fertilizer cost significantly.
  • The consumption of inorganic fertilizer such as gradually increases from time to time due to the loss natural fertilizer within the soil and adaptation. This implies that the consumption of fertilize increase many time relatively within a few year and results over fertilization.
  • Minimize foreign currency.

Soil related advantages

  • It is one of the building blocks for fertile soil which makes the soil rich in humus.
  • Open up the soil pores so that the soil microbes will multiply and begin to release nutrients, as crops use them.
  • Improve the fertility soil continuously
  • Important for the sustainability of agriculture
  • Increase the microbial activities within the soil
  • Increase the OM of the soil
  • Adds natural nutrients to the soil
  • Very effective on wide range of soil type typically present in a broad range, providing more balanced nutrition to the plant.
  • It doesn’t have any residual effect.

Environmental and social advantage

  • Eco  Green is 100% organic, which makes it free from any toxicity and it doesn’t have any health hazard or effect to human beings.
  • Organic product for local and foreign market
  • The ways in which Eco Green is produced contribute to low-carbon economy that our country is committed to building
  • It also satisfies the increasing demand of customers for organic products, health, natural and quality food.
  • The company creates a job opportunity to the community.
  • Creates an opportunity for the distributers, farmers union, agents and retailers to gain additional income.
  • In general, Organic liquid fertilizer is the building block of nature to be free from those risks and challenges.
  • Creates an opportunity for the distributers, agents and retailers to gain additional income.
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