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With the passion for sustainable farming and understanding the market need for fertilizers in Africa, but concerned about the harmful effects of chemical fertilizer, an intelligent Ethiopian Entrepreneur invented Organic Liquid Fertilizer with the trade name “Eco Green.” Mr. Kebede Lakew and his team spent more than 10 years researching and developing this fertilizer, including laboratory work and field trials to come up with the product. Eco Green is made up of plant and animal sources and is 100% organic and free from any toxic elements.

In the beginning, the company was established as a “small research center”; focus on conducting different community-based researches As a result of all the hard work, in 2009 the company started selling its product under a trade license called “Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC”.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer Production PLC is one of the innovative and leading Organic Liquid Fertilizer producing and trading companies in Ethiopia. With the growth of market demand, in 2016 the company opened a new factory that is capable of satisfying the needs of its customers. With new production technologies in place, the factory is capable of producing 9,000,000 Litters of liquid fertilizer per year.

Here at Eco Green we are passionate about sustainable farming and continue to be an advocate in protecting the planet, come join the movement.

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