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ECO GREEN is organic liquid fertilizer formulation that can be used in both foliar spray and soil applications. It can be used both in foliar including with overhead sprinkler like aerial application), pump sprayers, tractor sprayers, Drenching (through drip irrigation).

  • Eco Green can be applied by sparing on the leaves and stem of the plant easily with knapsack sprayer and can also be applied with pump sprayers especially for large scale farm.
  • One liter of Eco Green should be mixed with 20 liter of water or one liter Eco Green with one nap-sack sprayer (1 liter Eco-Green:20 liter of water ratio for both methods of application).
  • Eco Green can be also applied through different irrigation system including drip irrigation (that is Fertigation) in the existing irrigation system for commercial and state farms.
  • Eco Green Can also be applied by drenching or spill to the root zone especially for vegetables, fruits, and for raised seedlings.
  • Spray slowly and uniformly for foliar application.
  • It is better to make the soil moist during application for its effectiveness

Application time of Eco-Green

  • Eco Green should be applied after the crops will be completely germinated or applied fifteen days after planting or transplanting.
  • When the plant reached at the ear stage or when the plant will have 3-5 leaves.
  • The second round application will be done 3 weeks after the first application based on the stated recommendation to the specific crops.
  • Since it is organic, one can even apply even more than the recommended rate and frequency of application
  • It is better and more effective to apply when the leaves of the plants are more active that is early in the morning and late in the afternoon
  • It should cover all the part of the stem and leaves during foliar application.
  • Do not apply the fertilizer during rain (apply after raining).

Recommended rate of application per hectare depend on the crop type and soil fertility for vegetables, fruits and cereal crop.

Crop   1st round application after 15 days transplanting or planting 2st round application after 3 weeks after 1st application 3st round application before flowering or After the completion of fruit setting
 Tomato 20-40 20-40 40
 Onion 20-40 20-40 40
 Phasolia 20-30 20-30 20
 Hot pepper 20-40 20-40 40
 Cabbage 20-30 20-30 30
 Potato 20-40 20-40 40
 Carrot 10 20 10
 Wheat 20 20
 Barley 20 20
 Teff 20 20
 Maize 20 20-30
 Beans 20 30
 Strawberry 20-40 30-40 40
 Coffee 50 during spring 100 before flowering 150
 Fruit Avocado,   mango, wine 60-80 during spring 80-100 before flowering 140-180
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