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The company has been creating a strong attachment and bond of connection with institutions that have a high desire for organic farming orientation of Adaption in Ethiopia. Given this concept’s similar goal, the company had secured funds from MEDA to carrying on-field demonstration in the Amhara region North Gonder Zone three woredas in 2020.

The average yearly sale for the last three years is about 1,300,000literes/year, whereas the capacity of production our factory is 1.9million liters per year. We plan to use our full capacity and then expand the factory and develop it to world standard company in the future

The market share of the company is growing steadily that it achieves high success acquiring paramount market share as a growing company. Accordingly, the company had secured 18 million profit during the 2019/2020 budget year emerged from profit loss during the 2016/2017 budget year.

The company had created a partnership with SOS fiam Belgium to maximize organic fertilizers application by farmers in the Oromia region funding the three years project as of June 2020

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