Good storage and housekeeping practices are always important to ensure a safe workplace. Where possible, fertilizers should be stored in a closed, secure storage place to protect the product from the weather (sun, rain etc.) and reduce the risk of theft. The ideal storage conditions for Ecogreen are:

  • Enclosed building capable of protecting the product from the weather and especially direct sunlight.
  • The package should be stored in a cool place away from the heat or direct sunlight.
  • All buildings should have adequate provisions for ventilation to help dissipate heat and discharge fumes in a fire or decomposition.
  • Temperature between 5 and 30˚C (since some elements in the compounded fertilizer are sensitive to high temperatures);
  • Avoid the need for double stack;
  • The store should preferably be single store, constructed of not-readily combustible material (e. g. Concrete, brick, steel).
  • Limit the height of fertilizer sacks. High stacks of packaged fertilizer can be unstable and may collapse.
  • Store on a raised level, at least 1 meter away from building eaves and beams.
  • Do not store in bulk materials which are incompatible near each other.
  • Store your Ecogreen out of the sun in a nice cool place, Cool, dry, sealed stored away from direct sunlight.
  • Because of some elements are volatile in nature the packaging material should not be left open;


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