Liquid Fertilizer Foliar Applications VS Soil Only Applications

ECOGREEN is organic liquid fertilizer formulation that can be used in both foliar spray and soil applications.

Applying-organicliquid fertilizer foliar application can be applied through a garden hose sprayer attachment, a walkabout backpack sprayer, a tank with the lawnmower, irrigation drip rigs, boom and other field sprayers, field plane spray application and field irrigation systems including pivots.

Timing for organic Liquid Fertilizer Foliar Applications-plants respond to foliar applications when they are timed to coincide with seedling emergence (3-6cm) in height after 2-4 true leaves have formed), 2-3 weeks before first bloom (legumes such as snap beans or soybeans), first bloom (tomatoes, cucumbers, melons), runnering (cucumbers, melons), cluster formation (Tomatoes) and fruit fill (tomatoes, melons, cucumbers).

Impaction of soil minimized-foliar applications can be made with less travel through field or lawn, thus minimizing the soil impaction your crops would otherwise have to tolerate.

PH-organic liquid fertilizer also can be used for too high or too low soil pH.

Plant stress eliminated- when Ecogreen is applied before drought, frost, insect attack or the onset of disease susceptible stages, the effects of the stress will be reduced or eliminated.

Soil imbalance corrected- foliar applications are effective in situations where a soil chemistry imbalance, cold soils or low soil fertility limit the root uptake of nutrients.

Summary of the benefits of foliar feeding with “Ecogreen” organic liquid fertilizer:

  • Adjust pH with organic ingredients,
  • Easy applications with any liquid fertilization implement,
  • Applied onto the plant before drought, frost, insect attack, onset of disease to manage stress on crops,
  • Ease in correcting soil imbalance issues,
  • Able to time fertilization with plant growth, emergence, pre-first bloom, first bloom, runnering and fruit fill.
  • Minimizes soil impaction due to less traffic over fields and lawns.