Currently, in our globe at large, the demand for fertilizers has become increasingly high and hot issue; in particular to Africa and some part of Asia and Latin America, whose economy are highly dependent on agriculture, which at the same time have greater need for the use of fertilizers to enhance production and to ensure food security.
In Africa there is high demand for fertilizers in general and also towering potential for the production of organic fertilizers as compared to the rest of the continents. This is mainly reasoned with Africa’s greater dependence on the agrarian based economy and less urbanization. However, the negative consequence of chemical/inorganic fertilizers on the economy and environmental plague is clearly evident in the continent. Hence, if the production and distribution of organic fertilizer is possible, then the shortcoming as a result of chemical fertilizers’ pollution effect on the environment through leaching and runoff to the nearby water bodies and soils from the small scale and commercial farms, and the massive expenditure problem for hard currency to import the chemical fertilizers will be resolved dramatically and significantly.

In Ethiopia, fertilizer market is significantly high. According to Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Trade report, the total purchase of UREA and DAP (kind of inorganic fertilizers) since 2002 to 2012 had been 4,927,803mt. In addition to UREA and DAP more than eight kind of different fertilizers are being imported. Let alone other importing fertilizers the volume of these two types of fertilizers is increasing from year to year. This shows the growing demand for fertilizers in Ethiopia.
According to several studies, replacing inorganic fertilizers with organic ones is unquestionably advisable. The question is, ‘Is there any organic fertilizer which can replace the existing inorganic fertilizers parallel to cost, availability and benefit?’ Therefore, innovative practices are very much crucial to come up with an organic fertilizer to utilize the country’s agricultural potential effectively.

In order to meet this huge gap, an intellectual young Ethiopian guy, who is the owner and General Manager of Organic liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC, spent more than six years since its establishment in 2004G.C in research and development with field trails and laboratory experiments to come up with an Organic Liquid Fertilizer.
Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC having brand name “ECO- GREEN” is an Ethiopian company producing liquid organic fertilizer. Eco-Green is an organic liquid fertilizer that has been perfected by science. Organic fertilizers are fertilizer compounds that contain one or more kinds of organic matter. The ingredients may be animal or vegetable matters or a combination of the two.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer (OrgLF) is a natural fertilizer with many essential Soil elements and minerals. Soil is a complex mixture of non-living materials—solid particles from broken down Rocks, air and water; living organisms—bacteria, fungi, many small and very small (microscopic) animals, plants such as algae and plant roots; and the decayed and decomposed remains of living organisms—humus. OrgLF in contrast to inorganic fertilizers maximizes soil fertility. Due to this the amount of fertilizer needed every season will be smaller. In other words, the relation between OrgLF and period of implementation is inversely related. The reverse is true for all inorganic fertilizers. Using OrgLF enables commercial farms and farmers to minimize cost of production every season while maximizing productivity and product quality, preserving ecology, assuring long lasting productive land life, empower to be competent with organic output.

The product (Eco-Green) is 100% free from any toxic element, the company managed to secure a certificate from the Ethiopian Drug Quality Control and Toxicological Laboratory Department under the Ministry of Health, Intellectual Property Right under the Ministry of Sciences and Technology as well as from one of the Agricultural Research Centers in the country. So, it was found to have the upper hand on yield increment and eco-friendliness and finally was certified and registered as the country’s own product from the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture. In addition to the company’s practical conformation of the product, it has been studied and results confirmed by our clients in varied commercial agricultural environment. All the benefits/results have been researched, reconfirmed, approved and is a certified organic liquid fertilizer by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Amongst the major flower farms, big and small scale agro-commodity growers, Eco-Green has become the choice of their organic fertilizer for its many rewarding results and reputations. All our esteemed clients going back years are still using this product and in the world of farming that says a whole lot. We would also like to stress the fact that it is cost effective, result oriented and environmentally safe product. Organic liquid fertilizer (Eco-Green) could be used for any horticultural (flower, vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea, spice and herbs), industrial (sugarcane, oil and cotton), pulse and cereal crops. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor ornamental plants and garden grass.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC envisions being the preferred competitive supplier for organic fertilizer to rural and urban agro commodity growers and small land holder farmers in Ethiopia.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC will engage in the production, distribution and promotion of organic fertilizer to meet the needs of different group of customers in Ethiopia.

Core Corporate Principles and Values

In achieving its vision and fulfilling its mission, Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC stands on strong values and principles in all its dealings, program and implementation.

Core Corporate Principles

  • Customers; produce and supply organic fertilizer rural and urban agro commodity growers and small land holder farmers that meet their requirement at a competitive price and service.
  • Owners (shareholders); generate acceptable return on investment.
  • Employees; Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC aspires to be the most admired employer where their need for career development is met.
  • Suppliers and venders; Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC engages with suppliers and venders on a win-win approach.
  • Society; Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC conduct its business in a responsible manner, respecting and contributing to societal norms, culture and values
  • Environment; Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PLC conducts its operation with an assurance process ensuring the environment is not affected by its activities.

Corporate values

  • Innovation: We strive for creativity in every activity
  • Integrity and Honesty: We work to the best of the stakeholders in all business dealings
  • Responsibility and Accountability: we are accountable for every performance
  • Equality: We serve all stakeholders equally.
  • Operational excellence: We do our level to optimum expenditure for every course of action
  • Team work: we work with team spirit.
  • Stewardship   We work hard to abide ourselves to the interest of the organization.

Strategic Goals

In the coming ten years (the planning period), the overreaching goals for the Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing PL Care:

  • To attain sound financial performance and excellent in productivity;
  • To boost production;
  • To enhance human capacity of the organization;
  • To increase market share and sales volume;
  • To project positive corporate image and develop and maintain strong brand;
  • To enhance creativity and innovation and ecological balance.
  • To create more employment opportunity to the society

Activities of the company

  • Production and distribution of organic liquid fertilizer,   
  • Design marketing strategies for the sale of organic liquid fertilizer,     
  • Develop various recommendation rates of organic liquid fertilizer for different farms,    
  • Delivering trainings and technical advices to various farm customers in using of the organic liquid fertilizer,    
  • Capacity build up of staff members  through various technical trainings,     
  • Research and demonstration for various high value crops in using of organic liquid fertilizer at Sheno site(Northern part of Ethiopia) of the company

National Strategy and Action Plan For The Implementation of the Great Green Wall Initiative in Ethiopia

“Live Green, Love Green, Think Green”!!!