At the heart of organic growing is the art and science of using natural organic liquid fertilizer. Organic liquid fertilizer rebuilds soil. Fertile soil is the first step to increase yields, quality, and extend the growing season. Healthy soil motivates biological activity that provides a continuous release of nutrients for plant uptake. Plants flourish. Plants are healthier and have improved resistance to stresses from heat, cold, drought, pests, and disease. Foods taste better.
ECOGREEN products are an exceptional line of organic liquid fertilizers, formulated under precise conditions with the highest quality ingredients. Free of harmful chemicals, ECOGREEN products are convenient, cost effective and the ideal choice for homeowners, agriculture, commercial growers, lawn care, turf professionals, golf courses seeking natural products with proven performance.

Liquid fertilizer formulated by OrgLF Pro. Company: EcoGreen designed especially for foliar spray applications with the finest ingredients in concentrates using superfine grind, yet highly suited for soil applications and drip-tape irrigation without clogging lines. Fertilizers for vegetables, fruits, lawns, agricultural and commercial use.

Liquid fertilizer in natural and organic choices is designed for you’re…

  • Commercial farms / Market business,
  • Urban agriculture,
  • Farm and ranch,
  • Orchard, fruit and vineyard,
  • Turf management,
  • Landscape and lawn services.

We appreciate your checking in on our organic liquid fertilizers. We believe in these, use them and see astounding results on our own land. Though used in soil applications too, quality liquid fertilizers are especially useful as foliar applications, the spray misted onto leaves, stalks and stems give plants the nutrients washed away by too much rain or locked in the soil by not enough, and those minerals the plants cannot uptake due to soil deficiencies.

Potato, Tomato, Paper, Rose, leafy vegetables, beans and anything will respond to foliar applications. You want a super fine-grind on fertilizer ingredients, or that have been emulsified and further prepared to never clog lines. There can be as many headaches with water soluble liquid fertilizers as with granule when they are not prepared properly, so consider ECOGREEN. Research proven, tested in drip lines, no clogging and highly impressive result.

This organic liquid fertilizer is green, safe, environmentally sustainable and highly cost effective.

Believe in the power of nature? Want soil amendments that save you money? Want improved soil? Wand increased yield?

ECOGREEN stimulates microbial activity in the soil.

A multipurpose organic liquid fertilizer concentrate. Promotes vigorous growth, Increases root development, Improves stress and disease tolerance, dark green leaves, improved nutrient uptake and increased shelf-life in flower, vegetables, fruits, nuts trees, coffee and field crops. ECOGREEN provides essential macro and micronutrients. Because of ECOGREEN being non-chemical and meeting compliance criteria as a product that is not harmful to humans, habitat and ecology. With ECOGREEN, carrots and potatoes increase in size and root/tuber quality.

“Live Green, Love Green, Think Green”!!!