Mother Earth:-The beauty of life lies in the interconnection and interdependence of one form of life with another. It is amazing how the micro bacteria are linked with huge creatures like the elephant and how the fungus are related with the giant trees  who are forced to depend on the tiny creature for their daily  nutrition. The source of  life is the ‘earth’ and when the earth gets sick all the living things whether it be fish in the sea , micros in the earth, the trees on the mountains or man the central actor in the planet will be simultaneously sick. Every living creature needs ‘food’ and the source of ‘food’ is the earth and if the earth is forced to give ‘bad food’ everybody gets sick.

Life depends on the type of food we eat and  if the source is ‘affected’ life becomes miserable and possibly becomes endangered . For hundred years man has been consciously or unconsciously interfering and affecting the ‘chain’ of food production between ‘mother earth’ and the children/consumers in which ever form of life they exist. One of the ways affecting negatively   the ‘chain’ of food production is by forcing ‘mother earth’ to digest ‘artificial fertilizer/ inorganic fertilizer’ and making her ‘digestive system’ sick. Of-course a sick mother gives ‘bad and rotten food’ which adversely affects the consumer. Correcting this ‘chain’ between ‘mother’ and the ‘children’ is the right place of intervention.

It has been repeatedly and strongly argued by professionals and scientists that artificial fertilizer has to be reduced if possible stopped from the ‘food chain production system’ if we have to heal the earth. I believe this project will have a humble contribution at list for a ‘tiny’ spot of the earth’s body and her ‘children’ residing in it. The Chinese say that ‘one thousand kilometer starts with on pace’. Our contribution might be too humble even to reach the local media but it will heal a tiny spot of our ‘mother’s body’ and I think we have to dispose our obligation with cheers hopping the feature generation will recognize the effort we had undertaken to heal the earth and humanity at large. 


“Live Green, Love Green, Think Green”!!!